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  1. What do you think of Parents who host teen drinking parties?
  2. What is your biggest monthly money waste?
  3. Slob or Neat Freak?
  4. How much do you spend on Christmas?
  5. How Many Hours Do You Sleep In A Night?
  6. Does Prince Harry - who is third in line to the throne - have a place on the front li
  7. Did you miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime?
  8. Do you break traffic laws?
  9. Should Guitar Marry Cuddly?
  10. Resisting Arrest
  11. What worries you the most about getting older?
  12. What will you do with your tax rebate/stimulus check???
  13. If you had to what sense would you give up?
  14. Coke or Pepsi?
  15. Seatbelt Laws, Good or Bad?
  16. 4 Day School Week For Kids
  17. Do you think couples should have traditional wedding?
  18. What's Up On Top?
  19. Vote for Mr. Sexy
  20. Should Causingtrouble get his daughter a puppy?
  21. Teenage Drivers
  22. What issue is most important to you in the upcoming election?
  23. Who Is More Sensitive
  24. How Truthfull Are You?
  25. How Are You Living?
  26. Do you believe everyone has a soul mate? Do you believe in Fate?
  27. What do you call Pepsi, Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, etc.
  28. Which talk show would you appear on and why?
  29. Why Do You Join Flirting Sites?
  30. Should "The Shack" have a chat room?
  31. Married or Single???
  32. How many post to PM?
  33. Should Salary's be cut for Taking Drugs?
  34. How Do You Think Others View You?
  35. Lets see how your mind works
  36. Egging Avatars
  37. If your boss had money problems and promised to pay you later would you continue work
  38. Do you hold grudges against people?
  39. FlashChat
  40. Do you recycle?
  41. How much do your parents really know about what goes on in your life?
  42. Would you spank or grab TDH's butt ?
  43. What would make you stay in an unsatisfying sexual relationship?
  44. Would you do Sarah Palin ?
  45. Are You Fashion Conscious?
  46. Your Virginity
  47. What would you do?
  48. Disagreements with your Significant Other?
  49. Sandra and Jesse
  50. All Star Game 2010
  51. Is she flirting with me???
  52. Summer Driving Distractions
  53. Should women be allowed in the workplace?
  54. Are the contest on the site getting old?
  55. Will You Get Out And Vote On Tuesday?
  56. Chemistry
  57. Favorite Girl Scout cookie
  58. Do You Wash Your Hands Enough?
  59. Question just for the guys!
  60. Naughty Costume Selection
  61. Do you consider this kind of behavior rape or no?
  62. Who will be the next president and why
  63. Voting for President