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  1. OJ Simpson at it again....
  2. This is sooooooooo sad!!
  3. I think I'm in love
  4. No souls
  5. Cops: Hooker Snorted Cocaine Off Infant's Stomach While Breastfeeding
  6. Off Duty Cop Kills 6 teens
  7. Man's Trouser Snake Kills Him
  8. Pam Anderson married again
  9. Maine middle school to offer birth control
  10. Polly Wants to get the Heck out of Here!
  11. Big Nor Easter pounding the NE
  12. Million Pounds of Beef Being Recalled!
  13. Stress Management
  14. Girl, 13. Gets detention for hugging two friends
  15. Attention New Virus Alert
  16. What has two wheels a handle bar and two legs?
  17. Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women
  18. Michael Vicks..... WHAT? ONLY 23 months?
  19. 'Meanest mom' sells car
  20. Microsoft bids for yahoo!!
  21. Don't ever drink from hotel glasses!
  22. $14 Million for license plate
  23. Cashier's £88,000 theft from OAPs
  24. 8 Ways to Be a Better Parent
  25. Father of Rachel Scott (Killed in Columbine Shooting) A must read!!!
  26. Starbucks Closing At 5:30 Today
  27. Times Square Blast
  28. Lost Girls
  29. Singer Presley hits out at press
  30. Man sues M&S for £300K over grape
  31. Our Trial Results from last week... *sigh*
  32. N.Y. governor may have spent $80,000, faces GOP impeachment threat
  33. Women on Toilet for 2 Years
  34. No ban for speeding V-sign biker
  35. Mills to get $48.6 million in total settlement
  36. Vermont Latest to Eye Lower Drinking Age
  37. NY Governor Had An Affair
  38. John's thread of celebrity deaths
  39. 'Speak English' signs allowed at Philly Shop
  40. Australia deports pedophile
  41. Football Getting Worse...
  42. Death Toll Tops 4,000
  43. Pronounced dead, man takes ‘miraculous’ turn
  44. Worlds tallest man
  45. real hero's
  46. New way to pay your water bill
  47. at what point does religious freedom go too far?
  48. killer lodges appeal bid
  49. Funeral for boy killed by mother
  50. London's Mayor has five children
  51. She didn't care how dirty he was, and kissed him anyway
  52. Paparazzi, Diana's driver ruled at fault
  53. I've been wondering....
  54. 534 women, children leave polygamist ranch
  55. What is wrong with kids?
  56. Olympic torch kept away from demonstrators...
  57. Cab, innit?
  58. Get naked!
  59. A 26-year-old secret could free inmate
  60. My gang's better than your gang?
  61. What The Hell Is Going On??
  62. Red Light Camera Monkey Business
  63. Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest
  64. Giant goldfish
  65. 5.4 quake rocks Illinois; felt 350 miles away
  66. Congressman Frank's Personal Use of Marijuana Act hits the House floor
  67. Food Used As A Deadly Weapon
  68. Burglar loses fight with blind homeowner
  69. Jehovah twins to get transfusion
  70. Sam's Club, Costco Limit Rice Purchases As Prices Rise
  71. Blind man's wife described porn
  72. Hottest Day Of The Year - For Half The UK
  73. Man imprisoned daughter, fathered her 7 kids
  74. Tax rebates start landing today
  75. Tornadoes Hit Virginia
  76. Sisters lose European tax battle
  77. Floods Hit Illinois
  78. 15 years of the world wide web
  79. Disney's Double Standards
  80. Why Exxon won't produce more oil
  81. Boy avoids stares with fake ears
  82. Child Gypsy Wedding
  83. Theatre group's plea for stripper
  84. £2m sculpture designs revealed
  85. Man cuts up car in clamp protest
  86. Facebook users warned about ads
  87. Racism
  88. Crimes by girls rise by a quarter
  89. Mom indicted in MySpace suicide case
  90. Calif. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage ban
  91. Shops closed after 'urine' attack
  92. Substitute teacher came to class drunk
  93. Starbucks Logo
  94. Sen Ted Kennedy
  95. Wall Street Burger Joint Dishes Out $175 Burger
  96. Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address
  97. Big Oil's big 'problem'
  98. McCain Pastor: Islam Is a 'Conspiracy of Spiritual Evil'
  99. Mom sentenced to 20 years for keeping son in cage
  100. Couple celebrate 80th anniversary
  101. Car dealer offers free gun with purchase
  102. U.S. Women dies in iron lung after Power Failure
  103. Could US lose the King of Beers?
  104. Man jailed for killing baby son
  105. Violent sons turned in by mother
  106. Homeless women lived in closet for year
  107. Inmate had $170K, guns, TV, fridge in Cell
  108. The Obama Fist Bump
  109. Stem cells apparently cure boy's fatal disease
  110. From the Philippine Daily Inquirer, The ‘Audacity of Hope’
  111. Activist preparing against use of "Brown Note" at Dem Convention
  112. Food for Thought
  113. Jordan archaeologists unearth 'world's first church'
  114. Scouts praised for response after tornado hits Iowa camp
  115. Tim Russert....
  116. Levee Bursts Along The Mississippi River
  117. Officer kills man who beat child to death!
  118. 'Disposable Heroes': Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs
  119. Game show viewer helps IVF couple
  120. Campbell gets community service
  121. How serious a problem is dog fouling?
  122. Unbelievable story about a sadistic mother, extreme abuse, and it gets worse
  123. RIP George Carlin
  124. Record sale for Monet masterpiece
  125. SC teen struck, killed by Six Flags coaster in Ga.
  126. It started with a kiss ...
  127. Jordan and Andre accept damages
  128. JonBenet parents cleared of murder
  129. Police arrest goat; dog wanted to go too
  130. Terry's Natural Sex Change...
  131. M&S defends 'tax on bigger bras'
  132. No Left Turn
  133. Wheeling one of the ten best places to raise a family
  134. 2-legged dog becomes symbol of trapping flap
  135. Budweiser SOLD to Belgian beer maker!!
  136. Brown targets 'problem families'
  137. Committee says fuzzy memories hurt Tillman probe
  138. Mosley session 'not hanky-spanky'
  139. New exotic fruit to hit UK shops
  140. Boy band promoter ordered to repay victims $300M
  141. Terrorist attacks in China
  142. Campaigner 'glues himself to PM'
  143. Judge made 9-year-old girl a ward of the court to change her name...
  144. DON'T buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack
  145. Drunken passengers force flight to land in Germany
  146. Kray paintings sell for £16,500
  147. US man charged for shooting mower
  148. Changes in murder laws proposed
  149. L.A. to ban Fast Food Restaurants
  150. Sikh girl wins bangle law battle
  151. Wal-Mart Worried Obama Will Win
  152. Celebrities leading tattoo demand
  153. Fingers pulled from bag in court
  154. 'DIY' kidney machine saves girl
  155. Hospitals 'infested with vermin'
  156. Giggling Beatles tape auctioned
  157. Maddie 'seen 5 days ago'
  158. Woman swatting bugs loses balance, falls to her death
  159. TV ad 'to bust heart attack myth'
  160. RIP Bernie Mac!
  161. 'No foreigners' advert condemned
  162. Rape victim payout cuts spark anger
  163. Ohio Church: No Kissing, tickling allowed
  164. Man arrested for hitting daughter
  165. Olympics
  166. Disney removes 'suggestive' pants
  167. Charges stand against man who landed plane on golf course
  168. 'Leaping' sharks surprise experts
  169. Texas school will let teachers carry guns
  170. Passengers test new face scanners
  171. Terror arrests link to PM threat
  172. Gary Glitter to sign sex register
  173. Baby death dog 'had no exercise'
  174. Lucky numbers for baby boy Corey
  175. Eight million at risk of ID fraud after hackers hit hotel chain
  176. Bank customer data sold on eBay
  177. This is Dangerous
  178. Fake sick notes sold on internet
  179. The Girl In The Window
  180. Cash-in-buttocks man in M25 ban
  181. Boy has shoulder made from elbow
  182. Binge eaters 'not getting help'
  183. Mother guilty of murdering baby
  184. Mud-slinging and the Presidential campaign
  185. Nigerian man to divorce 82 of his 86 wives
  186. Britain braced for more storms
  187. New pupils have to stay until 17
  188. Chaos at £20,000 petrol giveaway
  189. When water gets deadly
  190. Britons in bogus degrees scam
  191. Deadly Floods Leave Multi-Million Clean-Up Bill
  192. Mother 'suffocated at-risk son'
  193. Autistic Boy Survives 12 hour Ocean Ordeal
  194. Elephant Beats Heroin Addiction
  195. Thousands stranded by XL collapse
  196. Murder Trial Calls Dog As Witness
  197. Chicago Has Record Rainfall
  198. Rolling Meadows man drowns in rain-swollen retention pond
  199. Wall Street Melt Downs
  200. Banks going bust?
  201. Illinois Police Pepper Spray Crowd Mourning Baby
  202. Yet Another Bail out!!
  203. Americans, How Much Is Your Fair Share?
  204. Mother murdered disabled daughter
  205. Teenager admits sex attack spree
  206. Indiana School Bus Crash Kills Four
  207. King of cool
  208. Seven year wait for the male pill
  209. teenager wins lottery
  210. Teachers' Marbella trip cancelled
  211. Jump crowd 'disgust' police boss
  212. O.J. Simpson’s luck runs out in Las Vegas
  213. Boy, 7, Feeds Zoo Animals To Croc
  214. happy ending
  215. Mutant fish develops a taste for human flesh in India
  216. 105-year-old virgin says no sex the key to long life
  217. Daytime and Broadway Actress Eileen Herlie Dies at 90
  218. Neighbor killed 13-year-old girl with sword in Red Lion home, police say
  219. Woman was mistakenly declared dead
  220. Child endangerment charges
  221. Teen robs mom at knifepoint
  222. Man steals from Little Sisters of the Poor
  223. Teen's New Name Is CutoutDissection.com
  224. Beau of Woman Stuck on Toilet Wins Pot
  225. Weird but true
  226. Man Named Fox Wrecks Car After Picking Up 'Dead' Fox
  227. Judge Tosses Hair Dye Lawsuit for Blonde Who Had Less Fun as Brunette
  228. Four In Ten Can't Cook A Potato
  229. Procter & Gamble to face uneasy shareholder
  230. Suit against God tossed
  231. Man killed wife in Facebook row
  232. Parents speak on assisted suicide
  233. Fire scare toddler stays in care
  234. Boy, 5, brings knife into school
  235. Soldier's Adopted Dog Arrives in US
  236. Fire crews hunt escaped hamster
  237. Has Coleford Gone Xmas Crackers?
  238. Bah humbug! Northern Virginia mall gives Santa the boot!
  239. Pupils to get free home computers
  240. The Stink in Farts Controls Blood Pressure
  241. Police officers kicked pet dogs
  242. Student, 16, qualifies as pilot
  243. Disabled Boy Would Be 'A Burden'
  244. Weight worry sees child in care
  245. President Barack Hussein Obama
  246. Jail for 'sex on duty' policeman
  247. Ariz. boy, 8, accused of killing 2, including dad
  248. Why children have a say over care
  249. UK couple in real-life divorce over virtual affair
  250. A short life of misery and pain