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  1. Jena 6.. Your thoughts?
  2. The Shack's Bookshelf
  3. To Cheat or Not to Cheat
  4. Voting
  5. Will the world end in 2012?
  6. Do you consider online flirting, cybering cheating on your spouse?
  7. Pit Bulls...
  8. Cosmetic Surgery
  9. Was I wrong?
  10. Voting for President
  11. Liberal/Conservative/Moderate?
  12. New Virous Alert
  13. Who's to Blame
  14. Does it Matter To You?
  15. Is it unethical to drink bottled water?
  16. SI Swimsuit
  17. What do you think of Sex Education in the classrooms?
  18. Way to go BILL!!!
  19. Adult Incest.....
  20. Should Hillary withdraw?
  21. Dmitry Medvedev
  22. Is it normal for men/women to play video games?
  23. Drinking and Driving
  24. IS it an invasion of privacy???
  25. Politicians. Is there personal lives really our business?
  26. Who is responsible?
  27. Solution sought over embryo vote
  28. Drug Addition
  29. What is fat?
  30. grandparents rights
  31. is he shallow?
  32. Kids Hiding Things
  33. is it ever ok?
  34. Surrogate Mothers? Sperm Donors?
  35. Legalizing Marijuana
  36. Illegal immigrant births....at your expense
  37. Morality
  38. The End Of Cheap Clothes
  39. Miley Cyrus Pics, Something to Worry about? Or Storm in a Teacup?
  40. Are you Going to Leave it ALL to the Kids ???
  41. Sexuality.... choice or DNA?
  42. Did You Know: Dubai And Our Gas Dollars
  43. Spoiled - Unruly Kids!!
  44. People Facing Starvation
  45. Gas Prices
  46. Shyness drug could boost confidence!!
  47. Emergency Official Witnessed Dead Bodies in WTC 7
  48. Life on other planets. Do they exist?
  49. Driving restrictions
  50. Kids who think they're fat!!
  51. Cash or Credit for Gas
  52. Paparazzi
  53. Ill Inmates
  54. Government Control
  55. Credit Check by Employeers
  56. Virginity Testing
  57. Presidental Voting
  58. BAD flirting!
  59. Mixed Messages About Teen Pregnancy
  60. UFOs, Are They Real?
  61. The right to die
  62. Bailout
  63. Polygamy or Polyamory
  64. Thoughts on dating someone with a child?
  65. What should age of consent be?
  66. Why isn't this considered a hate crime?
  67. This Jerk needs to be in jail! Grrrrrrrrrr
  68. Should you stay together for the kids?
  69. Parenting guidelines, requirements to being a parent
  70. The changing value of money
  71. "No E-" Day - Proposal
  72. School progress over the past 50 years...
  73. Pet Peeves
  74. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
  75. Is flirting easier online or off?
  76. Happy MLKJR day
  77. Better or Worse?
  78. Medium... Clarevoyants...
  79. Michael Phelps smoking weed. Thoughts?
  80. Octuplet Mom..... your thoughts?
  81. Can serial killers be rehabilitated?
  82. Should an 11 year old be tried as an adult?
  83. Law of the Sea Treaty
  84. Should Women Consider Having A Boob Job In Order To Get A Job?
  85. When will the recession end?
  86. English v. the First Amendment
  87. Should someone be fired for past actions?
  88. Does your job affect your health?
  89. st Patricks day
  90. Should ski helmets be compulsory?
  91. Why I carry a gun
  92. Caught out by your bank?
  93. Do Guns Kill?
  94. Prostitution and Pornography
  95. Liar Liar - pants on fire
  96. Sexy to Slutty
  97. Kids and Masturbation
  98. Online Romance... Good or Bad?
  99. Can you trust people online?
  100. What do you do when you catch a liar?
  101. Thoughts on requiring Diploma or GED to vote?
  102. Should all schools require students to wear uniforms?
  103. Miss California
  104. Could male jab help prevent pregnancies?
  105. Was this right or wrong?
  106. Was Builder Right To Demolish His Work After Unpaid Bill?
  107. What can the government do to protect America from another financial catastrophe?
  108. wasn't sure where to put this and had been thinking too much..
  109. Coke or Pepsi?
  110. man thinking versus woman thinking
  111. Do you think parents should be held responsible for crimes committed by their kids?
  112. Atheist Burials...?
  113. A Predictor of the Future ???
  114. Should organ donation be mandantory?
  115. Is the recession over for you?
  116. Woman worker arrested in paedophile probe at nursery
  117. Benefit Cheats......Expenses Row
  118. Would you work for nothing?
  119. Frankie's avatar
  120. Over Protected?
  121. Is genetic enhancement a good idea?
  122. What are your thoughts on North Korea
  123. Once a cheat always a cheat?
  124. Plastic surgery good or bad?
  125. Your memories of the King of Pop
  126. When or why to get a divorce?
  127. Cleveland Clinic Won't Hire Smokers
  128. Job/Career vs. Relationships
  129. Eating Contest
  130. Deception or not?
  131. Sex Slavery/Human Trafficking
  132. Sperm Donation
  133. Russia to propse "New World Currency" at G-20
  134. Too little or too much
  135. How important is space exploration?
  136. What are you looking for in a relationship?
  137. One in every five girls or women have been raped
  138. Work Place Rules
  139. Should finders be keepers?
  140. Cloning
  141. Turning on the Tears
  142. The Seven Stages of Marriage. Where are you at?
  143. Should people on welfare be drug tested?
  144. Health care reform
  145. Collective nouns - time for an update?
  146. Are fines over fake goods too harsh?
  147. Objectum sexuality!
  148. Should file-sharers be cut off?
  149. Shame on you Georgia!!!! Sex Offenders have rights too!!
  150. What's in a name?
  151. Child Molester to Priest
  152. Would you report street crime?
  153. Is it OK to Steal From Work?
  154. stalking or not?
  155. Organ Donation
  156. Are pre-nuptial agreements a good idea?
  157. Should magazines ‘ban’ models?
  158. What do you think of Obama's Nobel Prize?
  159. Hmmmm....Western Union Money Transfer?
  160. Did school change your life?
  161. Would a 'naked' scanner improve security?
  162. Sex Addict
  163. Telephone Etiquette
  164. Does 70 stone man deserve NHS treatment?
  165. I want to get to know you better!!
  166. Personal Sense of Identity
  167. Altruism -- Can it be??
  168. School Punishment
  169. Are we becoming Androgynous?
  170. Who would you dedicate a special day to?
  171. Mandatory Sterilization
  172. Can a deal between China and the US work?
  173. should Wedding Licenses be forever???
  174. What is Love?
  175. Merry Christmas
  176. Online Degrees
  177. Are we becoming more frugal?
  178. No To Marriage
  179. Is there a such a thing as being too honest?
  180. You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop ...
  181. Radiation from cell phone.. dangers!
  182. Wedding Gown
  183. To Smoke or Not to Smoke?
  184. Favorite Disney Character ...
  185. Should smacking be allowed at part-time schools?
  186. What do you think of President Obama's banking reforms?
  187. Is China a threat to the United States?
  188. Should 911 calls be made public?
  189. iPad
  190. Reality TV
  191. Surgeons...
  192. Is a Robin Hood Tax a good idea?
  193. Jobless lose unemployment benefits
  194. How do you think welfare benefits should change???
  195. hungry beast
  196. Freedom of Speech???? Thank God for dead Soldiers! WTF?
  197. Should the age of criminality be raised?
  198. The legal age a child can decide to live with either parent
  199. Girl killed herself after being bullied (Phoebe Prince)
  200. Amish Grace
  201. Spring Break
  202. Quotes from Thomas Jefferson... thoughts?
  203. retaliation...
  204. Loneliness
  205. USA Today: Most Young Adults Today Don't Pray, Don't Worship and Don't Read the Bible
  206. Arizona's new Immigration laws...
  207. Only women should cook, clean the house and take care of children?
  208. Gossip and Rumors!
  209. Consumption of illegal drugs, alcohol and smoking while pregnant
  210. Innocent Flirting
  211. BP Oil Spill
  212. Military Tattoos
  213. What has Big Brother taught us about human nature?
  214. Teacher loses job for having premarital sex.
  215. Respect
  216. Is marriage something that will become obsolete eventually?
  217. Boy Drugged Up After Dentist
  218. If the average human life span was 40, would you have lived your life different?
  219. Is spying necessary?
  220. Weed (or as we know it Smaddacci)
  221. Why Do I feel So Dang Guilty....???
  222. At What Point....
  223. Ciò è alberino numero 150
  224. Kids & Cell Phones
  225. Old Story .. New Morals??
  226. Love on the Rebound
  227. Marriage Advice
  228. Internet Tax
  229. Mitrice Richardson Found Dead: Missing Woman's Remains I.D.'d Near Malibu, Say Police
  230. Should speeding fines be based on wealth?
  231. Is Obama right to step into 'Ground Zero mosque' debate?
  232. Thought for thought
  233. Should kids be allowed to attend school online?
  234. Medicare cuts
  235. Labels
  236. Ladies with two V*aginas
  237. Maximum Wage
  238. Partners and Cheating
  239. Should world landmarks be sponsored?
  240. Dealing Drugs In Front Of Kids
  241. "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Judge rules unconstitutional
  242. Why do most people consider blondes dumb?
  243. Yemen: Child Marriage Law stalled
  244. Should Parents Be Allowed to Attend School dances...
  245. Do sons have it easier than daughters?
  246. Trump for President
  247. Free Will
  248. House Burns Over Nonpayment of Service
  249. Too enthusiastic
  250. A to Z description of Love