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  1. Little boy teaches Mom and Dad
  2. The shuffling Slippers
  3. Gunman opens fire at Omaha mall, kills 8, self
  4. Man gets fired for having bad breathe.....
  5. Man Get $85.000.00 Cell Phone Bill
  6. PLEASE Check your driver's license!!
  7. Man to be tried 3/19 for murder, for 1966 shooting that caused 2007 death
  8. Fla. mom who power-washed tot may face charges
  9. Boy wants to return to school as a girl
  10. Five Month Old baby raped by 18 year old man!! WTF?
  11. Is nothing sacred?
  12. Mastermind admits stolen body parts scheme
  13. Fetishs!!
  14. This is why I let my students use the restroom...
  15. Lose cell phone, get cast away from society
  16. What are your thoughts on the Pregnant man?
  17. Brave Kittens
  18. Whoopsie
  19. Time to Invest? Buy a 15 year old fry on Ebay!!
  20. 3 Men Who Stole $24,000 in Beer Sought
  21. Seven year old girl takes six bullets to save mother's life!!
  22. Texas Trooper Finds Alligator Riding in Suspect's Car During Traffic Stop
  23. Oklahoma Sheriff Charged With Using Inmates As Sex Slaves
  24. Too sexy for the bus??
  25. Florida Woman Finds 8-Foot Alligator in Kitchen
  26. Man Arrested After Pumping Gas Into Imaginary Car
  27. Patch aims to make you feel sexy
  28. 911 Operator Falls asleep on the job
  29. Fuller house: Arkansas mom pregnant with 18th child
  30. YIKES! I Hope This Thing Doesn't Short Out!
  31. Man tries to ditch cheating wife on ebay
  32. 69-Year-Old-Man Has Toothbrush Lodged in Rectum
  33. Dumpter Diving!
  34. Fun facts from Infection Control
  35. Couple have sex 101 days straight
  36. Perhaps An Elf During The Off Season?
  37. OMG!! That is all I have to say about this.....
  38. Taking the DASH out of Wal-Mart!
  39. Collecting Cow Farts....
  40. Goodbye From the World's Biggest Polluter
  41. Estimated $20 million price tag on Brad and Angelina Twins!
  42. Hubble Kaleidoscope Finds Evidence Of Space Looking All Crazy
  43. Rain Told To Go Away, Returns
  44. US indicts 11 in credit card scheme
  45. Danielsville man with homemade vibrator arrested on drug charges!
  46. Buy evidence of my husband's adultery on eBay
  47. "Cremated" father reunited with family
  48. Algae-Dyed Polar Bears Puzzle Japan Zoo Visitors
  49. Cops Kick In Door Over Bird's Cries For Help
  50. Man Sues Prosecutor To Get His Leg Back
  51. Hi 999: My Bunny's Got Wrong Ears
  52. Dog Saves Owner By Dialling 911
  53. Hotel fires philandering male staff
  54. Construction Workers Complain About Nude Skater
  55. Could You Eat A Polar Gut-Buster?
  56. Teen intruder: Boy killed when caught stealing snacks
  57. She did NOT want sex.. get it?
  58. Unbelievable.. World's most disgusting apartment
  59. Semen Recipe Book ............. WTF
  60. Fourteen Years Of Xmas Every Day
  61. Cadbury Dairy Milk Contains Milk!
  62. Granny!!
  63. Baby Calls Cops On Dad's Drug Op
  64. Skating pensioner fined by court
  65. No Joke: Laughing Driver Stopped By Cops
  66. School called police on kids for Praying at school
  67. How well do you know your presidential history?
  68. Female 'vampire' dug up
  69. Unfukking believable... Vets attack Obama
  70. Student suspended for passing gas on the bus
  71. Happy Face Spider Makes Scientists Smile
  72. US Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes to Drink Responsibly on the Job
  73. Daycare busted for selling moonshine
  74. NC man charged with arranging wife's rape online
  75. I bet she doesnt get off as well as LaFave
  76. The Hunt For The 'Million Dollar Mattress'
  77. Strawberry Sausages On Wimbledon Menu
  78. US smoker chokes on cost of habit
  79. 'Naked Cowboy' Aims For New York's Top Job
  80. Firefighters Rescue Man Stuck In Drain
  81. Bitter Taste As £12,000 Wine Bottle Stolen
  82. Hmmmm.... Wife, three other women torture husband
  83. Man who dialled wrong number shaved
  84. Man arrested for having 14 wives
  85. Kidnapped Girl Turns Up After 18 Years
  86. Wrestlers take to the gravy ring
  87. Woman gets pregnant while pregnant!
  88. Queues at pump after price error
  89. tHE City of Wank, Germany versus the City of ****ing, Austria
  90. Gas mask bra traps Ig Nobel prize
  91. Marge Simpson is Playboy cover star
  92. 'Dumb' criminals attempt robbery with ‘permanent marker pen disguises’
  93. Woman passes 950th driving test
  94. Train Stops Inches From Woman
  95. Driver lost on 600km shops trip
  96. Very sad!
  97. Wheelie bin converted into toilet
  98. Having a big bum, hips and thighs 'is healthy'
  99. Sex at a Servo!!
  100. Happy Meals are illegal
  101. Granny, 72, Having A Baby With Her Grandson
  102. Jobcentres Offering X-Rated Porn Work
  103. German Doctor Offers Body Parts For Sale
  104. Man forced to marry cow faints at wedding
  105. NY Hotel exploits the 14th Amendment.....
  106. Woman Dies While Stuck In Lover's Chimney
  107. American teenager runs away to Brazil to be with boyfriend she met online.....
  108. Naked March
  109. Jail Threat Over Xmas Crackers Sold To Kids
  110. Woman Calls 999 To Report Theft Of Snowman
  111. Granny cuts off country's internet
  112. Is Nicolas Cage Immortal?
  113. Fake Dr injected cement, fix a flat into womans buttocks for enhancement
  114. Sweden snow: Man 'survives two months trapped in car'
  115. Fines For Texting While Walking In US Town
  116. Cat Flap: Dead Pet Turned Into Helicopter
  117. 'Hero Dog' Without Snout Gets VIP Vet Care
  118. Death Star Petition On White House Website
  119. Woman injured while having sex on overnight work trip can sue employer
  120. Long Island man faces jail for laughing too loudly in own home
  121. Two-year-old boy ate used condom at Chicago McDonald's
  122. Dutch Chip Shop To Serve Cannabis Mayonnaise
  123. Man tried making love to an ambulance
  124. Mortuary Fridge Put Up For Sale On Ebay
  125. Naked Woman Distracts Man While He Is Robbed
  126. PayPal 'credits' US man $92 quadrillion in error
  127. Woman with world's largest natural breasts
  128. Japan police 'solve riddle of missing bike saddles'
  129. Dog Eats Paralyzed Man’s Testicle As He Sleeps
  130. Golf Ad Commemorating 9/11 Sparks Outrage
  131. German man forgets bride at road stop on honeymoon
  132. Protester Nails Scrotum To Red Square Cobbles
  133. Barbie doll fan has hypnotherapy to make her ‘brainless’ like her icon
  134. Gumtree user conned out of £80 gets 'revenge' on seller.....
  135. Man's Court Battle To Marry His Laptop
  136. Baseball fan sues TV commentators for £6million after footage is broadcast of him nap