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  1. 911..How Can I?.....

    Ok...disclaimer first. I am not a 911 operator..Im a carpenter..this work is totally fiction!

    I am currently in the profession of saving lives. I go to work and save freakin' lives. I am a virtual shield; a telephonic Thor, if you like?, to thousands of scared and incompetent people. My weapon of choice isn't a sawed off Winchester or Rick Grimes six-shooter. Nah, man. I'm strapped and riding dirty with a headset, yo.!

    Every day I raise that sucker ...
  2. Self Rant

    The subject I'm about to rant about

    I feel I'm educated and experienced enough to give a full account of me..due to the fact that I know just how stupid I can be sometimes, you know?
    Take the "Decorating" experience, for instance

    Now..I'm intelligent enough to know that you would never paint a stairwell using a ladder..with wheels on the bottom of it..everyone else with a little common sense would know this too..right?

  3. Fun With Words

    Just a little silliness with wordplay..hope it brightens up your day a little

    When I was youngstump and shingle, I playacted like the worldly was my oystercatcher. I put no, no no no, there's no limits on what I wanted out of lifeguard.

    My mind was game set and matchmaker on doing the right thing for my parenthesis. They had hellraised me from a small childicot, and nurtured and prodetected me from the dangermouse of life's rigormortis. ...