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  1. Loving Living Exciting

    I was born in 1966 ( I post my age so I am not giving anything away) in Massachusetts to lower middle class of Irish heritage parents! I mean to say that lower middle class is probably a stretch! We lived in the middle class section of our city, but we were borderline lower class poor! That's very clever mom knew how to keep up with the Jones' and she made us look middle class! We looked like we fit in economically so well that when I was a little older my neighbors would say we were ...
  2. What are you doing RIGHT now? Vol 2

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    Both my sons have had their second front teeth knocked out or broken! BOTH! So both have fake teeth! They are not literally fake but the dentist builds them whole teeth! I don't know how to describe it because I'm always blinded by the ridonculous bill I get from the dentist to do it and I go into memory erase mode to not kill my kids or the dentist!

    One has had them fixed twice $$$ and the other once $$!!

    Tonight the younger one (9 and his teeth fixed twice