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    One thing I know about God doesn’t cause pain and suffering put He allows it to show how Satan would run things the book of Job shows that!! Yes God is faithful even when we are not
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    As a man I must be an odd duck because I see us guys not being attentive to women’s needs and wants like we should and some don’t help out like they should tell you women not nearly enough how much we appreciate, respect, love you and what you do
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    I'm glad that I ...what run into it...find it....whatever if I didn't see it today , I'd probably missed a pleasant look into the reason for your wonderful understanding of life.......I had Irish in the family, my father in law.....I enjoyed many of the livest of Colleens in my courting part of life....and I never did meet any but Lace Irish......My life upbringing is similar but different .....Heck I could have been living in your neighbor....possibly next door and experiencing most aspects of your life.....Wonderful times when one looks back at it....and especially my early youth......say the fifth grads........when......a day lasted forever.....I had no responsibilities.......I needed no money.....and I didn't know what girls were for.....
    thanks you for bringing back those wonderful least for me......
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    What a wonderful excerpt of your life B. Wasn't life so much more simple years ago as opposed to today's knowledge which is so widespread (of course I am referring to all that we learn via the internet) ......I find today's children have no definite expectations and even less respect. We have allowed them to much exposure into adult issues which rarely happened way back when. There is a saying "as it goes, each generation is a product of the generation before them" and knowing this it is important to draw that line in the sand.......Pssstt, did you ever have a broken nose from one of your
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    Oh SG! My mom was so proud of looking like lace curtain Irish that she bought lace curtain as soon as she could afford them! Her mom anddaddid the same! But my dad's mom made sure we knew of our shanty Irish heritage as well...which is why I can probably drink you under the table or at least it would be fun to try!
  6. SirGary's Avatar one of Irish Catholic descent, It's gratifying to see "lace curtain Irish" succeed...

    The path behind you will never be as difficult as the path before you...