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  1. Beauty's Avatar
    I love you...Well said and I believe you are correct! There are those that need that band of gold and piece of paper to commit! There is no reasoning with them and using logic (although I applaud you and your fantastical brain) is a waste of time and energy! I think its a lack of trust in themselves to a degree or just a lack of trust in humanity!
  2. Beauty's Avatar
    Great expression "All that and a bag of chips" Even better follow up "I'm really just the dip"! Bravo!

    Nice post...very true!
  3. FeistE's Avatar
    I think if you were to poll the women on this site, sites like this, and chat rooms, etc, you'd find variations of this story but with exactly the same underlying theme. It's funny that you used the phrase "thawing and coming back to life" because I think that describes it perfectly. We have so many titles including mom, wife, housekeeper, employee, supervisor, family taxi driver, schedule keeper, homework helper, chef, laundry doer, grocery shopper, (unless you're lucky enough to have married someone who actually helps with any of that)... and I think that we do get lost in that. What happened to *insert your name here*? Buried under all the other roles, probably. It's like you're always there but no one really "sees" you. Almost like a prop. Except on national holidays where it's mandatory you get recognized for one of your roles.

    Anyway, I feel you , ladies.