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40% up

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So, I heard a talk show this morning and they said that statistics show that there is a 40% spike in women cheating since 1990. So that got me to thinking....why do you think that is??? They said that because women feel empowered now. They also said that there are more and more women that aren't happy in their marriages but remain in them for the sake of the children. In my own life this is absolutely correct. How I found the shack is a very funny story with many details but I'll tell you just a few. A friend of mine who is actually an ex-pastor of all things was listening to me pouring out my heart to him about how depressed and unhappy I was. I always did my best to make things here at home look SO pretty so much so that I was drowning. He told me that I needed an outlet and I had never even considered anything like that. I mean the way I was raised you don't step out of that vow no matter what. But I was at the point where I lost myself and it was getting really seriously scary. So, after MUCH prodding and him basically putting me here on the Shack I started flirting and slowly feeling myself thawing and coming back to life. I think us as women always work so hard to put everyone else first that we forget about ourselves especially when it comes to feeling sexual and pretty. Now please understand I'm not saying I'm all that and a bag of chips, I'm really just the dip but I am thankful that I live in a day and age where you can exercise that silly flirty fun inner goddess self that likes to make the boys stand up and salute.
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  1. jjcarter's Avatar
    l believe your pastor is a very smart man....In this day and age both men and women have to work to pay the bills and make life a bit easier. In my case after working 60 yrs a week l come home and l still have to maintain the house hold chores dinners, lunches, dishes...Mister works the same hrs sometimes more and he has his chores too....l think these days everything moves so fast.....the workplace and home, you loose yourselves. l feel that's what happens in most marriages. We work extremely hard to keep life on track and when it comes time for our time we are so exhausted... we neglect each others needs....For me this place is an outlet too...lm full of energy l start from the minute l wake to the minute l go to bed....l think I'm over charged most times lol....So l find if l come here l relax... gear down, its also a great place to release stress if you have to. I was on a different site for a few yrs and made friends with some wonderful people all in the place in their marriage.....l love that we have stayed in contact with me still even tho l left that site...Most marriages struggle with affection and love...You do what you can to keep your sanity so if its coming to a flirting site be it. It a great place to hang out flirt a bit...make someone smile that's having a bad day or just wind down from a busy day.....
  2. FeistE's Avatar
    I think if you were to poll the women on this site, sites like this, and chat rooms, etc, you'd find variations of this story but with exactly the same underlying theme. It's funny that you used the phrase "thawing and coming back to life" because I think that describes it perfectly. We have so many titles including mom, wife, housekeeper, employee, supervisor, family taxi driver, schedule keeper, homework helper, chef, laundry doer, grocery shopper, (unless you're lucky enough to have married someone who actually helps with any of that)... and I think that we do get lost in that. What happened to *insert your name here*? Buried under all the other roles, probably. It's like you're always there but no one really "sees" you. Almost like a prop. Except on national holidays where it's mandatory you get recognized for one of your roles.

    Anyway, I feel you , ladies.
  3. Beauty's Avatar
    Great expression "All that and a bag of chips" Even better follow up "I'm really just the dip"! Bravo!

    Nice post...very true!
  4. killer69's Avatar
    As a man I must be an odd duck because I see us guys not being attentive to women’s needs and wants like we should and some don’t help out like they should tell you women not nearly enough how much we appreciate, respect, love you and what you do
  5. Naughty Babe's Avatar
    Amen!!! You saved a lot of therapy money by joining the site!
  6. blueberryyogi's Avatar
    I can understand what you describe in this blog. As someone with similar upbringing, I feel the same way at times too. Being here, I've felt a bit guilty, but I still keep coming back. There is something empowering about being flirty and having fun here. Thanks for sharing and for being such a kind (and patient) friend!