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What are you doing RIGHT now? Vol 2

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Both my sons have had their second front teeth knocked out or broken! BOTH! So both have fake teeth! They are not literally fake but the dentist builds them whole teeth! I don't know how to describe it because I'm always blinded by the ridonculous bill I get from the dentist to do it and I go into memory erase mode to not kill my kids or the dentist!

One has had them fixed twice $$$ and the other once $$!!

Tonight the younger one (9 and his teeth fixed twice already) snuck up behind the older one (12 and fixed once) and messed with his hair...HIS HAIR! WTF! Really? Why, of all things, would he eff with his hair, but he did! The older one, who has a bad temper and is super strong and boxes, but to his credit keeps it in check normally, SAFREAKINNAPPED!! He had taken a shower and blow dried his boy band style hair (7th grade and its all about the hair!) and had it perfect!

The 12 year old throws an elbow behind him thinking he will hit the 9 year old in the chest but the 9 year old was ducked down and he hit his mouth! Blood squirts all over my new furniture and the previously fixed twice broken tooth breaks again! WAIT IT GETS BETTER!!!

The 9 year old bends over with a yelp and the 12 year old panics and bends toward him and asks if he's alright (no doubt ****ting his pants thinking I am going to kill him for breaking his brothers face) and the 9 year old stands up abruptly from his bent position and his head hits his older brothers face and the 12 years old previously fixed once broken teeth break again and blood squirts all over my furniture again!

Four broken teeth
Two split lips
a small divit in one sons head, bleeding stopped fast though...Phew!
One bruised and pained elbow
Two petrified boys
Enrages 49 year old peri menopausal mother who's walking around swearing like a sailor
And a blood stained chair and ottoman

So what am I doing right now...writing this down because one day this is gonna be a funny ass memory and I want to remember it exactly as it happened!
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  1. Justafungi's Avatar
    Oh. My. GOD! I'm sorry but I'm also kind of laughing. How you wrote it is just hysterical!
    I hope the blood comes out of the furniture
  2. pvtdancer's Avatar
    oh damn Beauts! You're going to have to invest in those helmets with face grills
  3. SpoiledBrat's Avatar
    Oh my..... what a comedy of errors this must have been. I can imagine all this taking place in a matter of moments and years from now you'll all be looking back at this and laughing and sharing the adventure once more with each other.
  4. SirGary's Avatar
    Hmmm....anyone know the number for Child Services?...*grins*