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Why do guys go on chat sites more then women do?

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Ladies, you must have the answers.
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  1. SirGary's Avatar
    ...though there are more men than women on here at any given time, women still lead by almost two to one over men in posting...

    Why are there not more women than men on the Shack?....that's easy...women have more responsibilities than men while we men are cruising the threads, hoping to pick up chicks, the women are doing laundry and other forms of woman's work...they just don't have the time..
  2. princesspink's Avatar
    Let's face it. We aren't here to discuss what we ate for dinner or what book we are reading. It is all about getting "the flirt" on with a stranger. Perhaps it gives us the chance to romance ourselves. : )

    That being said I still have made a couple of great friends ......