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Thread: Baseball fan sues TV commentators for £6million after footage is broadcast of him nap

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    Default Baseball fan sues TV commentators for £6million after footage is broadcast of him nap

    An American baseball fan has grown tired of being insulted after falling asleep during a game - suing two TV commentators for £6million after broadcasting his nap live on air.

    New York Yankees fan Andrew Rector, 26, claims he has suffered emotional distress due to an “unending verbal crusade” after the camera panned on him while sat in his seat.

    He is now suing ESPN and commentators Dan Shulman and John Kruck for more than $10million (£6million) for damages.

    During the game against the Boston Red Sox on April 13, Shulman is heard saying Rector was “oblivious” while Kruk said the stadium was “not the place you come to sleep”.

    Shulman also questioned whether he had slept through a third inning home run, which caused a huge applause from the 45,000 crowd.

    However in his complaint, filed in the State Supreme Court in the Bronx on July 3, Rector contends millions of people “all over the world” were watching when then commentators allegedly used an “avalanche of disparaging words” such as “stupor, fatty, unintelligent and stupid” to describe him.

    “These unmitigated verbal onslaughts crossed the line between reporting on sport and abuse against the plaintiff without reasonable cause or restraint,” the bizarre lawsuit claims.

    It says the announcers made numerous false statements, at one point even referring to Rector as “a fatty cow” and “not worthy to be a fan.”

    But a YouTube clip of Shulman and Kruk gently ribbing Rector during the game doesn’t include those insults.

    Rector also names the Yankees and Major League Baseball (MLB) as defendants.

    The video allegedly prompted viewers to post comments mocking Rector for falling asleep during the game.

    The lawsuit claims: “On or about April 13, 2014, the plaintiff was at the rivalry game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee. It is well known that the rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is always the biggest in all of sport.

    “For decades millions of people all over the world turn out or tune in to watch these games. Plaintiff accordingly was at this game.

    "ESPN Cameras focused on the plaintiff, announcers like Dan Shulman and John Kruck unleashed avalanche of disparaging words against the person of and concerning the plaintiff.

    "These words, include but not limited to ‘stupor, fatty, unintelligent, stupid’ knowing and intending the same to be heard and listened to by millions of people all over the world, including people that know the plaintiff in person or interacted with the plaintiff.”

    Neither ESPN nor the Yankees commented on Rector’s claim.

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    Let's send him and his lawyer to another country to live. This is just crazy and money hungry people.

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    It was on CNN

    ...a state trooper was gunned down in an ambush by a guy who was a survivalist..

    At the troopers funeral, over a thousand Troopers, Policemen, and National Guard troops were in attendance...

    ...and the announcer asked the reporter at the scene what kind of security they had there...


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