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I think we all can agree that it bothers us a lil when other's think poorly of us. But they either A) have a personal reason or B) got looped into some crazy one sided story and made their judgments. It might bother me a lil more if it's reason A than B. If it's reason B, I don't have time for people that want to make decisions based on the one sided opinions of others.
I'm pretty frickin likable. I don't intentionally do anything with malice in my heart and if I know I'm not liked or I don't like someone, I quietly avoid. It's just not worth the keystrokes.
In real life, most everyone likes me LOL. I've never had an issue where someone just flat out didn't like me or thought poorly of me. That speaks louder than this online venue we 'live' in for awhile :)
well said girl!! I avoid big time.....I am here to have fun and talk with friends...If someone has a problem with me its their problem not mine...cant be bothered..as for real life UGH only problem I have an issue with is his niece ...she likes no one, but I would never disrespect her cause no matter what she is family and I don't have to see her cause truthfully she is never invited to any family stuff his family has..what does that tell ya lol